MSE Industrial Affiliates: WIMSEA
Next WIMSEA Meeting:  Friday, April 24

Participation costs 50$ to cover expenses and a day of your time! There is no registration fee for students or staff.

  FRIDAY, April 24  275 MS&E

    8:00-8:30 am   Bagels and coffee

    8:30-8:40         Don Stone -- Introductions

    8:40-9:00          Jon McCarthy -- Regional Materials and Manufacturing Network (RM2N)

    9:00-11:30       Department Presentations  (Faculty and Students)

Senior Capstone
Jamie Klett: Cellulose Nano-Crystal Mixed Polyamide Adhesive

George Kotsonis: Mo-Si-B Alloy Protective Coatings
Vince RuedingerStrontium Addition in Aluminum Die-Castings
Mike Strand: Nanopores After Oxidation of Molybdenum Superalloys

10:00-11:30 Faculty:
Faculty Research Overviews
Prof. John Perepezko - Protective Layers for High Temperature

Prof. Dane Morgan
Opportunities in Materials Informatics
Prof. Paul Voyles - Find all the atoms! STEM of Nanostructures

      Poster Session and Lunch (Posters up all day)

    1:00-1:30        Student Presentations

Students: Senior Capstone
Josh Mueller:
Charpy V-Notch Performance of Alloys for Armor
Derek Landwehr: Phases in WC/Ni Wear Resistant Coatings

    1:30-3:30        Presentations from Industry
    1:30-3:30        Industry Presentations

Dennis Christopherson .......
Jake Brunsberg  .................
Dick Wieboldt  ....................
David Kooyman ..................
Federal Mogul
American Roller Company Plasma Coatings
Thermo Fisher Scientific
IM Flash

    3:30-4:00        Department Tea & Ice Cream Social

4:00-5:00        Visitors are encouraged to meet with individual faculty and students
after the end of formal activities!