MSE Industrial Affiliates: WIMSEA
February 11 (Poster Session, Job Fair), February 12 (University and Industry Presentations)

Participation costs $50 to cover expenses and a day of your time! There is no registration fee for students or staff.

THURSDAY, Feb 11  (ECB - Engineering Centers Building main lobby)

    6:00-8:00 pm  Poster Session and Job Fair

FRIDAY, Feb 12  (MS&E 265)
    8:00-8:30 am   Bagels and coffee

    8:30-9:45         Introductions,  Department Updates
 Don Stone
Welcome and Introductions  
 Paul Voyles

Metallurgy to Materials Engineering  to Materials Science and Engineering: the Evolution of Graduate Education in Materials at UW-Madison

 Greg Johnson and Francesca Long
AFS and Materials Advantage Updates
 Jeff Mason        
Da Vinci Engineering: Hands-on Freshman design
  Jon McCarthy Update on the Regional Materials and Manufacturing Network (RM2N)

    9:45-11:00       Student Research Presentations

Jen PortoLaser treatment on Cold Spray Coatings
 Xiaoqing (Cathy) LiDefect characterization in InGaAs/AlInAs superlattice structure on metamorphic buffer layers  
  Greg Johnson
Selective laser sintering (SLS) processing of Nylon-low density glass bead composites
  Doug Fraser
Synthesis of gold nanosheets by adaptive ionic layer epitaxy  

     11:00-12:00       Faculty Presentations

Mike ArnoldNanocarbon electronics  
 Padma Gopalan Functional organic nanomaterials  

    12:00-1:00        Lunch and Poster Session

    1:00-2:00        Industry Presentations

Matt Schultz
Waupaca Foundry
 Tony Cantrall
 Kyle Metzloff
(5 minutes)
 UW Platteville (UW Madison foundry class update)

  2:00-2:45       Student Research Presentations

Will DonigerIn situ Measurement and Control of the Corrosion Potential of Molten 2LiF-BeF2 (FLiBe) Salt for the Next Generation Nuclear Power Plant 
 Nick Trocinski Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber Composites through DMA and Rheometry during Cure  
 Aren Lorenson and Zach Jensen Machine Learning for Materials Science Applications  

  2:45-3:45        Industry Presentations

  Vince Ruedinger
American Roller
  Steven Goodman
 Microscopy Innovations

   3:45-4:30       Department Tea & Ice Cream Social

       Visitors are encouraged to meet with individual faculty and students
after the end of formal activities!