Aerial view of the engineering campus at dawn in winter.
Dawn over the central UW-Madison campus viewed from the roof of the Engineering Research Building. Photo: Bryce Richter.

Report Out
2013-2014 Research Innovation Committee Awardees

Monday, May 4, 1-3 PM

Tong Auditorium

1:00             Welcome
                    Dean Ian Robertson, Professor Patti Brennan for the RIC

1:10–1:25     University Transportation Center Stimulation Project:
                     Investigating UW Partnerships in Sustainable Transportation

                       Ernest B Perry, Teresa Adams, Donald Moynahan, Paul Meier,
                    Tracy Holloway, Kurt Paulson

1:25-1:40     Multi-modal Neuro Imaging
                     Nam Sung Kim, Mikko Lipasti, Beth Meyerand, Robert Nowak, Barry Van Veen,
                    Rebecca Willett, Justin Williams, Steven Wright

1:40-1:55     Battery Manufacturing, Service and Management Systems (BM2S2)
                    Jinghsan Li, Shiyu Zhou, Yhui Han

1:55-2:10     Wisconsin Center for Engineering Biofactories

                     Parmesh Ramanathan, Jennifer Reed, Brian Pfleger, Aseem Ansari,
                     David Schwartz, Michael Thomas

2:10-2:25     Scalable Direct Nanomanufacturing on Flexible Substrates
                     Based on Laser Machining and Nanophotonics

                     Hongrui Jiang, Neil A. Duffie, Frank E. Pfefferkorn, Zongfu Yu

2:25-2:40     Polymer-Based Coatings for the Contact-Transfer of DNA
                     David M. Lynn, Timothy A. Hacker, Bo Liu, Craig Kent,
                     Dhanu Shanmuganayagam, Glen E. Leverson

2:40-2:55     Development of a Continuous Energy Adjoint Monte Carlo Code and
                     Adaptive Geometry Neutron Sources for the Detection of Nuclear
                     and Radiological Threats

                     Douglass Henderson, John F. Santarius

2:55-3:00     Closing

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Committee charge
  • Developing a roadmap that will identify grand challenges in engineering research that address national and societal issues and which we have or could have the ability to lead. By necessity this will include an assessment of our strengths and weakness in these areas that enable or prevent the college from assuming a research leadership role. This assessment includes but is not limited to faculty expertise and research infrastructure.
  • Developing a set of institutional goals, initiatives and incentives that will influence the future research directions of the college. It is anticipated that the College will provide resources to the committee to launch new research initiatives that are consistent with the strategic plan.
  • Reviewing and providing a recommendation to the College on internally funded research proposals, as well as centers and institutes proposed by faculty in the College.


    Patricia Flatley Brennan 
       Room 3270a
       Mechanical Engineering Building

       608 263 5251, 608 263 1315

    MEMBERS, 2014-2015

    Nick Abbott
    Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Bill Banholzer
    Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Patti Brennan, Chair
    Industrial and Systems Engineering

    Kristyn Masters
    Biomedical Engineering

    Dane Morgan
    Materials Science and Engineering

    Gustavo Parra
    Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Christopher Rutland
    Mechanical Engineering

    Rebecca Willett
    Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Ex-officio members

    Deanna Dietrich, Associate Dean
    Research and Policy Administration

    Susan Hagness, Associate Dean
    Research and Graduate Affairs



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