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Alan Wolf 
Senior Learning Technology Consultant

Alan WolfI am the Assistant CIO for Advanced Computing Infrastructure in The Office of CIO and Vice Provost for Information Technology working on the Advanced Computing Initiative and I am a consultant at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. I work for the Central IT unit, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT), and the Institute for Biology Education. I support development of shared computing resources for campus researchers and support the development of the research computing community. In addition, I help instructors integrate technology into their curricula and other educational efforts. I am a biologist by training, and work primarily in that community. I have designed educational software and worked on teams to develop educational web materials.

More recently, I have developed interests in content management and sharing. I see a need to develop a mechanism for managing and sharing content from idea to its final form and dissemination. We currently have many pieces to make this possible. We just need to make them work together in a user-friendly manner. Along with content management, I am interested in issues of intellectual property - especially in encouraging strong fair-use rights and alternative licensing strategies.

Please see my curriculum vitae for additional details (Updated December 20, 2013).

I am reasonably active on Twitter with the user id @Alan_Wolf

Projects in which I am involved:

Research Data Services - a cross unit team providing support to researcher needing assistance in managing their data, beginning with those who need to address the NSF's new data management plan mandate.

National Science Digital Library - a NSF program to create digital libraries to share materials created for science education. There are several NSDL sponsored digital libraries. I, with Flora McMartin (Broad-based Knowledge), and Glenda Morgan (University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign), have a grant to study student use of digital libraries. You can see the work of our past grant on faculty use at this web site (with Cathy Manduca)

CIRTL - This NSF sponsored program attempts to reform graduate education in the STEM fields to prepare these future faculty for their roles as educators. The UW - Madison with many additional universities, are in the second phase of this grant. I am an instructor in one of the core courses - Effective Teaching with Technology.

Past Projects

3D printing of macromolecular structures - As part of an NSF funded project we acquired and for 7 years operated a ZCorp color 3D printer. Our intent was develop tools to support teaching and research of protein structure (images below). It supported not only our biochemistry community and introductory courses, but also other groups interested in exploring the use of additive manufacturing. These groups ranged from artists to engineers, fashion designers to prosthetic manufacturers. This was easily one of the most interesting projects that I have worked on.

Our first cartoon model from our 3D printer Latest kinetic model

DSpace - I am part of a library/IT team developing the infrastructure for an institutional repository. Part of UW-Madison/UW-System joint project. We are developing a repository for the storage and dissemination of UW scholarship. Our local instance is the UW System eRepository.

Engage - This a program to engage campus instructors in new and effective uses in technology. It replaces many of our grant programs with a program that develops a project team to provide support for the development and implementation of their ideas.

Other Resources

Academic integrity and Technology

Medical Education Links

Instructional materials on the web for STEM

Recordings of some frogs found in the Great Lakes region

Projects I like and recommend to all my friends:

Creative Commons - a project to create a community of sharing and restore something akin to the public domain by individuals offering content with explicit licenses describing what you are allowed to do with it. If you want to see me get really worked up, start a discussion of the issue of copyright and the public domain.

Internet Archives - a place to share materials that are in the public domain or have use licenses (e.g. Creative Commons). There is a wealth of material in the archive, if you haven't seen it, take a look.

Personal interests:

Photography (especially of animals), wine, and travel.

I have been playing with social networking environments, and I have been a member of Flickr, a photo sharing community, for years. This is my Flickr stream. I have recently started posting to 500px as well because I have hedging my bets about what might survive.

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